It's A Small World

Pootling around Georgetown in Malaysia, so many miles from home, you hardly expect to bump into someone you know. But that's exactly what happened. And it wasn't the first time on our travels.


Mesmerized By Ice

The Glaciar Perito Moreno in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares is an incredible mass of ice, which creaks under the ice's weight. Yet it also exudes a certain calmness, and before you know it, you've whiled away a couple of hours just mesmerized by its vastness and waiting in suspense for another chunk – often around the size of a house – to calve off into the water below.


Blown Away by Argentine Patagonia

In teensy-tinsy El Chaltén, in Argentine Patagonia, the gore-tex-clad hikers easily outnumber the 1,600 inhabitants. Why go? To hike in the stunning Fitz Roy mountain range, of course. We might not have had our gore-tex, but that didn't prevent us from setting off on a 3-day hike. As for that mountain scenery – we were blown away, almost literally ;-)


Border Hopping

I don't know what it was about Argentina, but we never really hit it off with the country in the same way as Chile. We can't quite put our finger on it; the people were ok, although not half as welcoming as the Chileans. Maybe we're not the best combination – a British-German couple - what with the Malvina-Falklands Islands controversy and then a certain German-Argentinian football match ;-) The friendliest Argentinians by far were in Ushuaia, at the country's southern-most tip. Still, that's all just through our eyes. With Argentina on Chile's doorstep, we were keen…


Fröhliche "Wein"achten!

Bolivian Nativity

Wishing all our family, friends, and colleagues a wonderful Christmas! Sending you warm greetings from the wine capital of South America, Mendoza, Argentina.