Let us take you back almost five years when we visited Oz for the first time as somewhat fresher-faced honeymooners on cloud nine!

Back then, we did an awesome trip. How will I forget that bridge climb in Sydney? “Will you be ok, R? If you feel sick, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Just let me know if you feel unwell. We can go back down.” We'd barely walked five metres up the bridge and it was me who was feeling super queasy, concerned about throwing up on the people below, as R lapped up the stunning views.

Uluru/Ayers Rock will forever stay in our minds. We all know the beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures with the rock glowing a gorgeous red. Ha! Not for us, it didn't! “You guys are really lucky,” our guide desperately tried to encourage us, “hardly anyone sees it like this.” With grins unsuccessfully hiding our disappointment, we figured at least it makes for a good story.

The weather was somewhat kinder in tropical Cairns where we picked up our camper van and headed south on a classic East Coast road trip, with the Whitsundays and Fraser Island being particular highlights.

Return to Oz

With so many honeymoon frolics in the land of Oz, Australia wasn't really on our travel agenda this time, but when we realized that Sydney was just a short 3 hour hop from New Zealand, we didn't want to miss out on the chance to visit a good friend of ours.

After an early flight from Christchurch (where we spent the night in the air lounge, complete with beanbag, a wake-up call from Normie, and the best free wifi we'd had anywhere in New Zealand), we arrived somewhat bewildered in Sydney. There were just so many people. And what was with all the cars? When you take a look at the statistics, it all becomes clear, as Sydney alone has a higher population (4.6million people) than the whole of New Zealand (4.5 million people).

We had a bunch of sightseeing under our belts from our last visit, so this time was all about catching up with a good friend, seeking out fabulous coffee shops (which is not hard in Sydney), meeting up with a former work colleague, and generally taking it easy – this travelling can be tiring, you know ;-)

For a few impressions of our time down under this time, take a look at R's Sydney Album: