Chilean food is oooh-so-tasty, but hardly good for the waistline – as we well and truly discovered. With gargantuan portions and plenty of cheese and sugar, we had to ration those meals out...although you wouldn't think it from this little lot ;-)

Pastel del Choclo (San Pedro)

I'm sure I'll offend many a Chilean if I call this a Chilean “shepherd's pie”. It's a minced beef and chicken dish with a sweetcorn topping, and an olive and egg hidden in there somewhere. Yum!

Pastel del Jaiva (La Serena)

For someone who adores cheese and seafood, this oozy cheese and crab combo was heaven! But ooh, the hips!

Juices (San Pedro) 

The sugar content of supermarket juices was sky-high – perhaps a reason why a number of cafés offer the tastiest all-natural juices around. 

Pisco Sour

Did Peru invent it? Or was it Chile? Who cares when it tastes so good! 

Microbrews (Torobayo - Valdivia)

The hoppy beers kept us happy :-) 

Chorrillana (Valparaiso)

Calories-a-go-go, the mighty chorrillana was fit for a small army. It's basically a mountain of chips with pork and onions, all topped off with a fried egg or two.

Empanadas (Valparaiso)

You can get easily empanada'd out, but choose carefully, and there are some real tasty ones to be had, especially at the artisanal bakeries.

Mote con huesillo (Santiago)

A non-alcoholic peach and barley drink with cinnamon and the obligatory dose of Chilean sugar. 

Churrasco (Santiago)

Pretty much a burger, topped with plenty of tomato, avocado, and mayonnaise. The Fuente Alemania in Santiago was quite a place to experience it. The portions were huge, and the guy next to me (not R!) schnaffled up two!

Terremoto (Santiago) 

Grenadine, sweet fermented white wine, rum, and pineapple ice-cream – with that little concoction, you can see why it's called the “earthquake”. Guaranteed to make the earth move. 


Bit ashamed to admit that we ate this, but had we not tried it, we wouldn't have had the “completo” experience (hoho)! The locals in Santiago went mad for this hotdog smothered in avocado, tomato, and mayo. Once was enough for us ;-) 


Chile has the best-tasting avocados we have ever eaten. And there's no shortage of them... 

Curanto (Chiloé) 

The traditional dish of Chiloé – a mountain of seafood, meat, and potatoes - was a bit daunting. Thank goodness we ordered it to share!  


Written by K