Let us show you the beautiful Legong dance performance we saw in Ubud, Bali.

We were lucky to see a very professional performance of the classic Balinese dance by the Gunung Sari group, founded in 1926, and who have performed worldwide. Some of the groups are unfortunately little more than a poor amateur dramatic performance.

Originally a form of royal entertainment, most legong performances are now put on for tourists, especially in Bali's cultural centre of Ubud. Apparently girls start training from as early as age 5, learning the intricate movements that make up a kind of hand and eye work-out. It's incredible how they move their eyes from right to left so abruptly. In their elaborate costumes, the dancers are accompanied by the mesmerizing sound of gamelan music – created by striking metal bars on a type of xylophone or “metallophone” with a mallet.

We loved our two hour cultural experience in Ubud. It was just a shame that so few people were in the audience.

Pay special attention to those flexible fingers!

Legong Dance, Bali
Legong Dance, Bali