Nobody Thought the Waves Would Be So High

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With the recent five year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, it seemed like a good time to write about our visit to Ōtsuchi - one of the low-lying towns devastated by the tsunami.


How I Met My Adopted Japanese Parents

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Let us take you back to 2008. The year I met Mr and Mrs Saito.


What Surprised us about trekking in the Japan Alps

“You can't do that – it's too extreme,” came the response from the tourist office in Takaoka when we told them about our plans to do a six day trek from Tateyama to Kamikochi. Had we really bitten off more than we could chew?


What I Love about Japan

Many of you know that I'm a bit of a Japan-fan. In fact, that's probably putting it a little mildly ;-) Ever since I took Japanese as my minor at university, I have had an ongoing love affair with the country and its language.