About a year ago, when we were preparing to set off on our grand adventure, a work colleague and fellow traveller (you know who you are!) pointed me in the direction of the above. It was love at first sight, and we HAD to include it in our New Zealand camping itinerary, albeit only one week (it was slightly pricier than the Jucy van!) And by the end of it, I know that R had fallen for her too!

With her 1.9litre engine and twin carburettors, our 1966 VW T1 splittie purred along like a dream. Just look at that baby! Does the BBC still need a replacement for Jeremy Clarkson??

For seven blissful days, we lived the camping dream. Oh, how we loved getting behind the wheel, the peaceful ticking of her indicators (yes, sad, but true), the beeping noise she made when we started the engine, the full pull-around curtain, the joy of cooking in her. Yes, we were in love! And we weren't the only ones. She was quite the head-turner, with numerous drivers waving and sounding their horns at us. We very nearly became part of a vintage rally. We photographed her, videoed her, and thoroughly enjoyed our classy VW camping experience. Here are just a few (yes, there were lots of pictures) of her best angles at Arthur's Pass and on the Banks Peninsula. Guess what we'll be saving up for once we're earning again!

And for those of you who enquired, here are a few shots of the inside of our VW beauty :-)