2015 - what a year! How are we going to top this? One thing's for sure - it won't be the last Hagemann adventure. We've had the most amazing time, but one Christmas in a hostel was enough. This year, we wanted to spend Christmas with our families.

Looking back, I'd say we did pretty well predicting what we'd need in our perfect backpack, but there's one thing that we're happy to have carried all around the world and back, and that's this:

Apart from the odd grumbly tum, a spot of laryngitis, and R's lumbargo in Bolivia, we're happy to have avoided the really nasty stuff; Thankfully no meningitis or dengue fever, no muggings or attacks. We've met some wonderful people, had some amazing experiences, and learned so much. But there have also been some terrible sights, the realization of how much suffering there is in the world, and how little we have learned from history. I guess it's all part and parcel of the travel experience.

Thank You

Thank you to all the friends who have put us up in your homes, let us sleep on your guest beds and futons, and who have paid for two non-earning backpackers to have dinner with you – we really appreciate your generosity and hope we can return the favour some day.

I was going to call this post “All good things...” and you know how the rest of the saying goes… (“...come to an end”). But, you know, it's all one big adventure, isn't it, really? And the good things really aren't coming to an end. There's some more good stuff just around the corner.

We've had some amazing travel adventures this past year, but now it's time for the next ones. Let's see what lies ahead. As R so nicely put it – we haven't read that chapter yet :-)

Thank you to all of you who have followed our travels and sent us e-mails. On our trip around the world, your keeping in touch has meant just that – the world :-) Aww! Cheesy, I know. 

We've still got a couple of adventures to update you with, but in the meantime...

...wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful, adventure-filled 2016! 

Until the next trip!