Mannheim has a tough time with its reputation. Sure, it doesn't have the fairytale air of nearby Heidelberg, but it has a lot to offer, and for the past six years we have been proud to call “Monnem” home.

Here's a little taste of what we'll miss:

  • Our friends – not just the Monnemers, but all our chums in the area
  • Meeting M. every morning to go to work
  • Summer picnics in the Luisenpark
  • The yummy offerings at Blum cake shop
  • The Fromagerie
  • Our street: Waving each morning to the ice-cream shop owner, the baker (who couldn't bake scones to my recipe, but whose Altbierbrot was a winner!), the tanning studio owner (even though I only went four times to remove some pre-wedding white stripes), and the driving school owner
  • Our multi-award-winning butcher (Bäurle) around the corner where I was known as the “Frau mit dem netten Akzent” (the woman with the nice accent) and whose stuffed turkey breast made every day taste like Christmas
  • The church bells behind our flat
  • My hairdresser at Cutwork
  • The Wasserturm
  • Helder & Leeuwen
  • The delicious baguettes at Le Toulonnais
  • Supping a Hugo and munching on the Salad Caprise at Cafe Lido
  • The flower shop (Blumen Tekath) where R. bought my beautiful wedding anniversary lillies

And not quite in Mannheim, but nearby:

  • Bent Bar evenings in Heidelberg with the Bent Bar posse – keep drinking those Goldeneyes for us!
  • Bunker pizza evenings in Sandhausen with the gals – can't beat that Pizza del Pastore
  • Sushi nights in SameSame in Heidelberg with S. and A.
  • Getting our caffeine fix in Coffee Nerd